11 . Can I apply for an India visa on arrival, at the airport?

    No, it is not possible to apply for an India visa at the airport. Eligible citizens traveling for leisure/tourism purposes have the option to apply for an India c online, before they depart for India, which will allow them to get biometric information taken at the airport and the visa stamped inside the passport on arrival in India.

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    12 . Who can apply for an India e-Visa?

    Citizens of 160 countries, including the United States, are eligible to apply for the India e-Visa (Electronic Visa). The Indian e-Visa is for international travelers whose purpose of visiting India is tourism, recreation, sight-seeing, a casual visit to meet friends or relatives, etc. Applicants of Pakistani origin should apply for a traditional visa, not the online visa.

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    13 . How will the India e-Visa work?

    An India e-Visa is a visa for travel to India that is issued electronically. Because the India India e-Visa is issued on-line; it is not necessary to submit an original passport or other documents for processing. The application form, photo, and scanned copy of the traveler's passport can all be submitted online to [email protected]

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